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Canvas Now Integrates with Workday ATS as an Official Partner

We are excited to announce that Canvas is now an Official Emerging Partner of Workday, in addition to already being an official partner of Greenhouse and Lever. 

Canvas offers a seamless Workday ATS integration with 2-way data sync, meaning you’ll have one source of truth, clean data, and none of the usual headaches that come with adding a new tool to your toolkit. Automatically pull all inbound candidate data from Workday directly into Canvas, and maximize insights into your pipeline with Canvas's capabilities. 

Setup is a cinch 

Being an official partner means your integration is set up in no time. Our Customer Success team can fully integrate with your Workday instance in a matter of hours, saving you and your team hundreds of hours with our inbound sourcing capabilities, virtual events management, and rich candidate data. 

Canvas is SOC2 compliant, Type 1 certified, exceeding current industry standards for data privacy and security and the integration is comprehensive: you can grant Workday permissions on a granular basis and integrate your SAML Single Sign-On authentication system.

Automatically sync data & perform bulk actions

All of Canvas's ATS integrations include automatic deduplication, so don’t worry about switching between workspaces; your pipeline will stay up to date and easy to manage. You can also skip, save & export candidates to CSV in bulk directly from your Canvas dashboard, as well as export them back into Workday, saving you time and keeping your workflow running smoothly. 

Filter your inbound candidates

Once you sync a requisition from Workday to Canvas, cut down on time spent combing through inbound candidates by filtering on applicants’ Canvas profiles. Eighty-eight percent of candidates invited to Canvas via our ATS integration complete their profile, meaning you’ll have over 50 additional data points on the talent you’ve already attracted. 

From your dashboard, filter by gender, ethnicity, experience, major, skills and graduation year, as well as the Canvas Match Score, to find the best candidates and achieve your diversity hiring goals. Save time while making sure you don’t miss any top-notch talent, and build a more inclusive pipeline in the process. 

See Your ROI in Real Time

The full funnel analytics dashboard demonstrates how your virtual events strategy and job listings are performing. See the breakdown in demographic, expertise, and school to measure against your goals. Track your metrics to analyze what’s working and what’s not, optimize quickly, and close candidates faster. Hold you and your team accountable to your recruiting goals and share out results to validate your ROI. 

Wondering if it really works? Some of our partners include: 

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