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Create the Perfect Pipeline with Simple Job Posts, Powerful Data Filtering, and Laser-Focused Sourcing

We all know there are many different ways to find the perfect candidate. When you post a new role, you may be flooded with thousands of applications in the first week and still spend hours a day doing outbound sourcing, on top of handling an influx of referrals from internal stakeholders. Each of these channels requires different strategies to effectively find, understand, narrow down, and engage the right talent. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? 

The streamlined workflows of Canvas make it easier than ever to tap into every recruiting strategy and channel while helping you save time, keep all your work in one place, easily collaborate, and hit your goals. 


Get higher signal on your inbounds

Canvas's all-in-one virtual recruiting platform allows you to seamlessly sync every inbound applicant directly from your ATS into the platform, and enable enriched data on each candidate to better understand who they are beyond the limited information on a traditional application. 

To sync a job posting from your ATS, simply select from a drop down to auto-fill in details, sync candidate profiles to Canvas, and enable enriched candidate data on any new talent. 

Attract more diverse talent from a qualified talent pool

By posting a public job listing on Canvas that is synced to your ATS job, you can also organically attract inbound talent from the shared talent marketplace. Candidates that are already actively looking for their next career move can find and apply to your job through our Discover features, and will automatically appear in your pipeline. 

Easily narrow in on the right inbound candidates by applying filters on demographics, skills, experience, and more to quickly identify top talent. 


Supplement your pipeline with outbound sourcing

When it comes to outbound strategies, you can source directly from our shared talent marketplace by applying filter sets from your job or event overview page. To supplement your pipeline with talent from underrepresented groups or with different skill sets and experiences, simply action on candidates individually, or bulk save them directly to the relevant job posting. We collect over 75 self-reported, filterable, data points on every candidate profile, which you can easily access with one click. 

One of the key benefits of the shared talent marketplace on Canvas is that our trusted partners are consistently adding their own inbound talent to the ecosystem. That means, if you can see any overlap between your hiring goals and those of our partners, there’s a good chance that they’re attracting relevant talent to the platform for you to consider, and vice versa. 

We believe in fighting for opportunity, not fighting for talent

At Canvas we don’t believe in fighting for the “top 1%” of talent, but instead we know that there is more than enough qualified talent for every role. Getting everyone in the same ecosystem does not mean more competition for just a few candidates, it means more opportunity for every candidate and every company to find their perfect match. 

Interested in learning more about how these key benefits of the Canvas product can help you hit your goals faster? See Canvas in action or contact our team at [email protected]

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