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👋🏽 from our Head of Marketing

My name is Rubina and I joined Canvas as Head of Marketing for one reason — to make recruiting fair for all. Growing up in a tiny town (8,000 people!) in Michigan as a first-generation American, I had limited exposure to what career options were out there. I thought my best bet was to copy what I saw and become an engineer like my dad.

Engineer → Marketer

If I hadn’t gone to a large university (#goblue) I probably wouldn’t have taken a Consumer Psychology class and learned about the world of brand-building. The way a company’s mission, values and identity can impact everything from the people they hire to the products they build — I knew I was meant to become a marketer.

I didn’t know many people entering this world and without the support of a community, the journey to my first offer was lonely and stressful. But I was also extremely lucky to go to a school where leading advertising agencies hosted campus events, an opportunity to make an impression that isn’t available to many people.

Building an inclusive team

Fast forward a decade and I joined the marketing team at Pinterest. As a hiring manager and leading the Global Consumer Marketing team, our success was dependent on the type of team we built. Even with Pinterest’s great reputation and focus on inclusive hiring, it was still challenging to attract talent with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and interests. It required a lot of creative problem-solving and collaboration between myself and our recruiter.

Join the movement

When I first heard about Canvas and the team’s work to level the playing field, I knew I had to join the movement. I’m looking forward to working with the team to break down those barriers and most importantly, helping the industry hire diverse talent and change the status quo.

Stop setting diversity goals.
Start meeting them.

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