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Removing Barriers and Creating Access

Hi, I’m Brian, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Throughout my time in tech, I have focused on finding and hiring the best talent. Having the opportunity to support individuals as they seek the perfect company and role has been a highlight of my journey.  

However, I find myself most energized when I can do the work to remove barriers and create access across talent pipelines. 

Today, the tech industry is not facing a “pipeline” problem, it’s facing an accessibility problem. Qualified individuals from all walks of life are excited to pursue a career in tech but often face what feels like insurmountable barriers to entry. The past year opened the eyes of many, as our nation made strides to confront the longstanding disparities and injustices facing Black and Latinx communities. As we turn this lens on recruiting within the tech industry, accessibility and fairness are some of the most critical desires for anyone seeking entry. With billions of dollars spent on recruiting, accessibility should no longer be a barrier. I am fueled daily by a passion to close the accessibility gap in the world's wealthiest industry.

In my roles prior to Canvas, I focused on supporting companies in their efforts to hire untapped talent, while also providing access to candidates who have often felt overlooked. While candidate placements were possible, I realized that we were operating in a broken system. As recruiters optimized for speed when closing open roles, the ability to fairly review and reach all candidates were rarely prioritized. 

Without resetting the way in which recruiting happens, this process will be forever broken.

With that said, I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Canvas to lead Strategy and Impact on the Go-To-Market Team. Canvas's mission it to make the world more equitable. We are creating access to the talent ecosystem regardless of location, gender, race, age, disability, or life experiences. I am excited to join a team that is aligned with one of my personal values—everyone should be heard and seen for who they are.

If you’re just as passionate about providing access to opportunities, join the team!

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