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People First

Hi, I’m Bryce.  👋🏻

As a 25-year tech industry veteran, I am a rarity. I have worked at exactly four companies since college - including Canvas. Four. You’ll usually find that number is doubled for people who have been in this industry as long as I have. In most interviews, I have felt the need to justify my lengthy tenure as if it’s a “yellow flag.” In truth, I’ve had many jobs and different roles, but it almost always comes up as a concern. 

Why so few companies?

It’s the people.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in incredible companies, with fantastic people, and for awesome leaders - at all levels. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more. My ex-managers are my mentors. My ex-coworkers are my close friends.

Earlier this year in a rare down moment I responded to a couple of job opportunities. Both were mission-driven, early-stage companies with a vision about how they were going to change the world - the only kind of opportunity that I would make a move for. I wasn’t really looking and didn’t expect much from pulling these threads, but as things progressed and I invested more time in deeper conversations with the team I realized how much the mission aligns with my ethos. 

I realized that Canvas is all about people.

As a people-first leader, I invest in relationships. I want to ensure that my team has a strong sense of psychological safety - that they can bring their authentic selves to work every day and that they are heard and respected. I want to build a diverse team - one where we can learn from each other’s different backgrounds and perspectives. I want an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome and all ideas are heard.

I want this for my team.  But I also want this for all teams in all companies.

The Canvas mission so far has produced products and experiences that have enabled historically underrepresented candidates to find jobs that might otherwise not have been possible. This has quite literally changed people’s lives. But what’s really powerful is even deeper than that - it’s the network effect of the positive impact that those people have on their teams and their organizations. This inspires me. This is why I’m here.

If this inspires you, come join me on this journey.  We’ll build great things together.

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