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The Power Of Talent Communities Is In Your Hands

Earlier this summer, we published a primer on what exactly talent communities are, and our CEO shared his vision of how virtual talent communities can be leveraged to level the playing field. Today, we are pleased to announce that we’ve reached an integral milestone in our mission to facilitate opportunities through virtual talent communities: we launched the ability for our partners to create their own, customized, curated, public or private, virtual talent communities on Canvas. 

We’ve been building towards this moment for several quarters now: back in May we released candidate-only communities, allowing for those on the job hunting journey together to network, and help support and advance each other throughout their early career growth. Last month, we created the ability for Canvas partners to dip a toe in the conversation by launching the Ask A Recruiter community. 

Even before the pandemic hit this winter, we knew that virtual connection was the way to break down barriers, expose more opportunity, and bring candidates and recruiters together. Amidst COVID-19, the new reality of the job market added a sense of urgency to our work. Our partners not only needed new solutions to manage new, and entirely remote, recruiting realities, but they are looking to foster authentic relationships as much as candidates are. Ultimately, Canvas is here to facilitate authentic connection and opportunity between candidates and recruiters, and that’s why we are thrilled to be putting the power directly into our users’ hands. 

Let’s explore exactly what these communities are already doing for our partners on Canvas, and what they could do for you. 

Communication at Scale

One of the largest pain points we hear from recruiters time and time again, is that the administrative burden of filling reqs, running internship programs, and managing recruiting activities at scale is truly unbearable. Now, one recruiter can communicate with every single member of their talent community, or the entire Canvas shared talent network, in seconds flat. 

Whether it’s sharing open roles, updating folks on the process, disseminating org-level news, or asking a question, there’s no need for cumbersome email threads or hoping candidates check out your company careers page. 

Constant Engagement

The Canvas candidate pool is engaged on the platform every day, so why wouldn’t you be? Even if your process is seasonal, keeping your talent community engaged on a monthly basis means they won’t forget about you come application time. This is where opting for a public community comes in handy: make a public-facing community to share high-level information about your org like vision videos, mentorship opportunities, culture and values, information about your ERGs and how you support diverse candidates, and more. 

Building up your social presence in a public forum, simultaneously curating your private talent communities, all while saving time? Talk about a superpower. 

Connect the Flywheel 

Traditionally, Canvas partners leverage the platform’s powerful filtering and sorting capabilities to identify good fit candidates within their inbounds, and then supplement their pipelines by sourcing directly from the shared talent marketplace. With an ideal talent pool in place, they can reach out directly via messaging to keep the process moving. 

Now, recruiters can take it one step further: export a .CSV of your entire top candidate pool, invite them all to a private community, and all of a sudden you’ve built a curated, centralized, virtual space for your candidate network. Keep in touch with them year round, answer questions as they arise, and never lose an awesome candidate in the shuffle.

Build Your Talent Brand

Beyond the ease of use and organization of a curated talent network, communities are a new channel to bolster your talent brand. Remember that group of elite candidates you filtered, sourced, exported, and invited to your curated community? Guess what they’re up to: meeting, chatting, helping each other out, and forming connections, all under the umbrella that is your org. You're sharing exciting news with them, and they’re turning into a community of mega-evangelists. 

This can also be a great model for managing an internship program: help an intern class foster relationships remotely, and build up the camaraderie that makes them want to return for FTE when the time comes. 

Great Candidate Experience 

You’re now saving hours on admin (up to 208 hrs/year, in fact), you're engaging talent year round, your workflow is seamless, and your talent brand’s footprint is growing. But the best part? All of these benefits actually lead to an amazing candidate experience. Canvas is already home to hundreds of thousands of qualified candidates, and counting, and bringing your opportunities to the platform means more opportunities for everyone. 

It’s a complete win-win, and fostering a great candidate experience not only means you’re doing your job well and serving your org, but your glowing reputation will follow you wherever you go, and that group of mega-evangelists won’t just be down with your org, they’ll be down with you. 

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