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Why I chose Canvas

Canvas welcomes Thomas Hughes as the company’s first Partnerships & Integrations Lead. Thomas joins from Lyft where he built and scaled the university recruiting program from 20 to 300+ hires in 2 years. At Canvas, he will leverage his expertise from Lyft, and previously Uber, to partner closely with Canvas's 100+ customers to level the playing field at a scale that has yet to be accomplished in the early career industry.

Here’s why Thomas chose to join Canvas:

Hiring a diverse workforce is good for business—a truth that is finally becoming common knowledge. However, what isn’t common knowledge is the fact that companies can achieve this goal rapidly by focusing hiring efforts on early career talent.

Too often companies hide behind issues of scale, budget limitations and time spent on onboarding as a trade-off to hiring a truly diverse workforce. I find these conventional ways of thinking too narrow and in my career have set out to prove otherwise. It’s too important to me.

My work at Lyft and Uber leading university recruiting teams provided the arena to put this vision to work. What I learned is that issues of scaling, limited budget and leaning into mentorship works in favor of hiring diverse individuals — not against. The trick is to form partnerships and leverage the right technology. Canvas represents that one-two punch in early career hiring. The reason I joined Canvas's to work alongside early career talent partners as the industry shifts toward virtual recruitment is that they’re the whole package.

Through partnerships, innovative recruiting strategies emerge to create inclusive hiring environments and open doors for students of all backgrounds. Whether partnering externally with students hosting a hackathon, a national organization, a university or bootcamp, or another company seeking similar talent, connections and collaborations organically form — and hiring efforts emerge. This collaboration was never more evident than when I led Lyft to team up with Spotify and Twitter in NYC to host the first ever Historically Black Colleges and Universities NYC Tech Homecoming. We leveraged the power of many strong brands to build an authentic community, form connections, and introduce even more diversity to early career talent and jobs.

Using the right technology is key in turning these efforts into hiring while working with limited resources. Over the last six years, I have worked with all the university recruiting technologies and platforms out there. Only Canvas brought together everything I needed in one place to hire the diverse workforce we needed.

That’s why this week after taking a four month sabbatical to find my true direction, I joined Canvas to lead its partnership and integration team and strategies. Working directly with Canvas's many partners and students, I see endless possibilities.

Let’s move the needle on hiring more diverse and inclusive teams across the modern workforce.

Stop setting diversity goals.
Start meeting them.

Join hundreds of businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, using Canvas to build diverse teams
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