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The future looks like you™

Candidates profile photos overlaying various cities.Various candidates profile photos overlaying their cities.
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Bailey Griffin
Offer from Mattel
“I love how incredibly easy is to use! Being able to create a profile and then send in batches of applications with just the click of a button saves so much time and energy. It really takes a huge amount of stress out of the application process. It is so valuable to have just one place to go for all of the steps in the recruitment process.”
Canvas Job Candidate Testimonial
Daniella Banda
Offer from Twilio
“During the beginning of the pandemic, I attended multiple online events hosted by the platform...I love that they do not shy away from events around diversity, equity, inclusion. The community forums are one of the best features because both job seekers and recruiters can discuss any topic of their choice!”
Canvas Job Candidate Testimonial
Luz P. Reynolds
Offer from Equinix
“If you want a community that will support your professional growth, provide a user-friendly platform to network, and the ability to learn from industry professionals, this is the best start!”
Canvas Job Candidate Testimonial
Renee Mok
Offer from Roku
"Their recruiting platform gives me direct access to recruiters from leading companies to leverage them and form relationships. Their mission towards diversity is by design, and it gives an avenue for people like me to succeed! It also helped me to stand out from the competition through relationship building and peer-to-peer engagement."
Canvas Job Candidate Testimonial
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Testimonial Brand
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Canvas community member card profile.
Ryley Kayden
Front-end Developer
Los Angeles, CA
Community member
AI & Machine learning
All about data bricks
Canvas community member card profile.
Tina Huang
Engineering Manager
Manhattan, NY
Community member
Climbing and Bouldering
Leaders in Education
Canvas community member card profile.
Aaron Byrne
Product Design Manager
Palo Alto, CA
Community member
Typography for screen
Politics of social media
Canvas community member card profile.
Florence Peyton
Product Marketing Manager
Austin, TX
Community member
Process management
Climbing and Bouldering

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The future looks like you™

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