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How Canvas is helping teams hit their DE&I goals

Kristen Dauler
“We spend 90% of our time on Canvas versus our ATS as it gives us so much more candidate information to work off of. We also send Canvas’ candidate profiles and information to hiring managers, who help assess talent and source directly on Canvas. Now, our hiring managers are all asking for seats on Canvas instead of being in Lever.”
Katelyn Amidon
“I love how I can connect with candidates before events and source for talent I might have missed. It's powerful to be able to see candidates beyond their resume and really make meaningful connections.”
Kirsten Armstrong
“Before Canvas, we just didn’t know what we didn’t know. So we were banging our heads against the wall trying to do just what we knew—from spending lots of time manually tracking data to going through a high volume of inbound applications.”
Emily Cardner
“Canvas has changed the way we recruit because we’re now able to source on inbounds based on different skill sets, ethnicity, gender, interests, year in school, location preference—all different things that we can filter on now. This allows us to be much more strategic with our time.”

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