Inbound Sourcing

Enrich your ATS data and unlock the diversity of your applicants while reducing time to hire by over 30%.

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Enrich your ATS with data you can trust

Canvas multiplies the power of your ATS. Move away from inferred data to 100% self-reported data for your inbound applicants.

Unlock the power of your talent pool

Sort and filter through your applicants to find untapped talent in minutes flat—by filtering off 75+ data points including demographic, experiential, and cognitive diversity.

Make application reviews painless

Take bulk actions, narrow down priority groups, and free up time to focus on what matters most. You’ll be able to automatically sync every candidate touchpoint between Canvas and your ATS through our bidirectional integrations.
Emily Cardner
“Canvas has been so impactful in the way we manage our inbound applications. With Canvas's ATS integration, we are finally able to source inbound talent based on skills, schools, regions, demographics and info we had always wished we could see before”

Ready to stop talking about diversity recruitment and start doing it?

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