University recruiting will never be the same. The pandemic made sure of that.


Virtual recruiting works and it’s here to stay. Learn how to navigate this new hybrid university recruiting world and get answers to today’s biggest UR questions.

The Details:

Now that companies are embracing remote work and hiring across the country, the old ways of relying on on-campus recruiting are long gone. How will you navigate these changes and come out the other side even stronger? 

During a recent webinar hosted by RecruitingDaily, Katelyn Amidon, Recruiting Manager for the Early Talent Programs at Lyft, shared key learning from 2020 and how Lyft is preparing for hybrid university recruiting.

Listen to the on-demand recording to get answers to some of today’s biggest UR questions:

  • Will big career fairs return to their previous glory?
  • Will virtual events fatigue cause a decline in online participation?
  • What challenges will you face as you gain access to larger talent pools?

This new world of recruiting is bringing a host of questions, so make sure you get the answers by watching this webinar.

Webinar: University Recruiting in a Semi-Virtual World

Watch this on-demand webinar for tips on preparing for hybrid university recruiting

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