Find out the top problems companies face when trying to launch a diversity recruiting program. 


Diversity recruiting is at the forefront of every company's and every talent leader's mind (as it should be). But a lot of companies struggle with how to build an equitable recruiting culture. 

That’s why we co-hosted a panel discussion with where Talent leaders and DEI experts discuss the top six problems in diversity recruiting and how to solve them. 

The Details:

Watch this on-demand panel discussion to get answers to some of today’s biggest diversity recruiting questions:

✔ How do you build an equitable top of the funnel pipeline?

✔ How do you understand the diversity of our talent funnel? 

✔ How do you measure the ROI of your diversity recruiting initiatives? 

✔ How can you build an inclusive employer brand? 

You'll hear from leaders from Facebook, Gusto, Canvas and more, who will share their experience and equip you with the processes and tools you need to set, track and hit your diversity goals. 

Rethink how you respond to these common diversity recruiting challenges today.

Stop setting diversity goals.
Start meeting them.

We’ll design a custom diversity hiring solution for your business
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