A diverse top of the funnel pipeline is the key to building a diverse workforce. 

TL;DR: To achieve your diversity hiring goals, building an equitable top-of-funnel pipeline is the first place to start. This guide, complete with worksheets and tools, is the must-have resource you need. 

The Details:

Simply put, if you’re not building an equitable top-of-funnel pipeline, you’re not going to hit your diversity recruiting metrics. 

But how do you go about building an equitable pipeline of talent? 

This is exactly what we dove into in a webinar discussion with four powerhouse Talent and DEI leaders. The key takeaways from their discussion have been distilled into this handy guide filled with expert tips, worksheets, checklists and more to assist you in building a diverse top-of-funnel pipeline.

Who should read:

  • Recruiters
  • Talent Leaders 
  • DEI Practitioners

What you’ll learn:

  • Steps you can take to recruit and attract a diverse workforce 
  • How to reduce barriers of entry for untapped talent
  • Guidelines for creating an inclusive hiring process

Tools in this guide:

  • Worksheet with questions to answer before acting on your hiring initiatives 
  • Employer branding checklist 
  • Inclusive Hiring Process Scorecard

Use this guide to hit your diversity recruiting metrics today.

The Ultimate Guide To Building An Equitable Top-Of-Funnel Pipeline

Download this guide to access useful tips and tools for building a diverse top-of-funnel pipeline

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