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This is how companies like Lyft, Roblox and Samsung easily source, manage, and hire their most diverse intern classes.

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Handle more applicants with fewer resources, without breaking a sweat

Turn busywork into productivity by efficiently sourcing and filtering through high-volume candidate pools for top interns in minutes, not weeks.
Demographic filtering.

Hire your most diverse class of interns with inclusive sourcing.

Source from over 300,000 enriched candidate profiles with self-reported diversity data so you can build a diverse internship program. Easily engage potential interns via direct messaging and your very own talent communities.
Job Demographics.

Manage events end-to-end, all on one platform

Streamline your entire event management process from creating events to sending bulk invites, to automating post-event follow-ups with Canvas. Use event analytics to track your success. Follow interns in your pipeline from invites and RSVPs, through interviews all the way to hiring.
ATS Candidate Analytics

Amplify your brand as a diverse employer of choice

Run engaging virtual events with our end-to-end event management solution. Connect authentically with potential candidates and keep the conversation going with talent communities.
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Thomas Hughes
Head of University Recruiting
“Canvas is the university solution built for the 21st century. It’s the first platform that addresses all of my team’s needs and it does it all under one roof. We were able to cancel contracts with 4 vendors while achieving better results, and my recruiters are happier and more effective than ever before."
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